The dollars and cents of poverty beyond the shores of the World is sobering beyond words. According to the United Nations-commissioned Millennium Project: “More than one billion people in the world live on less than one dollar a day. Another 2.7 billion struggle to survive on less than two dollars per day. Poverty in the developing world, however, goes far beyond income poverty. It means having to walk more than one mile every day simply to collect water and firewood; it means suffering diseases that were eradicated from rich countries decades ago.”
“In some deeply impoverished nations less than half of the children are in primary school and under 20 percent go to secondary school.” Around the world, nearly 70 million children do not receive a basic education and 774 million adults are illiterate.
Each year, eight million children under age 5 die from preventable causes, such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
Living on less than a dolla…

In The Society

Affectation is a declaration of an understanding, which is not bolstered by genuine conviction or truthfulness by uprightness of putting on a show to have qualities or convictions that one doesn't generally have. The individual is alluded as faker. Affectation originates from a Greek word, which signifies "desirous", "play-acting" or "quitter". Fraud includes the trickery of others and consequently a sort of lie even in the religion, for example, philanthropy, asking in sanctuary, church or mosque. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) advises us about the indications of a scoundrel. There are three signs that promptly affirms about a man in the event that he is charlatan or not. The first is a lie, the second is inconsistent as he neglects to keep the trust of others, and the third one is to break the guarantees. 

All that we see, read or hear is fairly lie, detailed for us in buyer administrations, radio, TV, shops, plugs, promotions, movies and dramatizations. Fo…


Hypocrisy, what It truly does? Among the general population, it is the most widely recognized issue in the 21st century. The world is exceptionally hypoctaric. What, precisely, is the issue with pietism? When somebody denounces the conduct of others, why do we discover it so offensive in the event that we learn he participates in a similar conduct himself?

The world is brimming with deceivers, and the answer for this issue is twofold: If you are more current, you manage the crevice between your dutifulness and what you claim to be by investing more energy to be great. The general population that world see have false reverence in themselves some how. Individuals should be expansive and liberal to expel the lip service in themselves. Life is hard nowadays. In the eastern nation like asia, Africa charlatans are for the most part present. Lip service is exceptionally dubious and is partitioned into various structures.


Students, who are termed as helmsmen of development, face many kinds of pressure throughout their life. Well, life is not easy when you are given the extra burden that you don’t deserve. From the very first moment you step towards the educational life, you are going to have to bear pressure. Every parent wants their children to top the exams. In Nepalese society, you have to face one extra taboo, the society. Society in Nepal has a different way of pressurizing students. They don’t mind their business but get busy backbiting about the children who don’t even relate to them. Another factor that pressurizes students in Nepal is the extra burden from the teachers and the school as well. In many places of Nepal, students are literally beaten up for not following the way they are told to. There are different ways of harnessing student’s future, physical violence is never the solution. In a world where you deserve a fresh environment, where you can do what actually you are interested in, e…

Irishway, How it all began: My childhood memories

The experiences that I have gained till date are unforgettable. It goes without saying that my childhood was more than just a learning experience. I shall always cherish those memories! The story I’m about to share is a story not only of my childhood but also of the lessons that I have learned throughout my childhood. On the day of 18th June, the youngest son of the family was born to Mr Binaya Raj Pokharel and Manju Sitaula Pokharel; it was one of the happiest moments in life for the Pokharel Family. I was given my name, Irish, by my aunt. That’s how an inquisitive bright child came into existence with unfolded stories and undecided future. At the age of three, I was admitted to a school, Prativa Academy, Birtamod, Jhapa. I still remember crying and shouting at my mother for leaving me in the school alone with crowds of strangers. Time breezed by and at the age of six, we moved to our hometown Bhadrapur, where my grandparents stayed. Now came the phase where I spent my longest child…

Psychology – Try Balancing It For A Happy Life!

My name is John. I can’t describe what I feel or what is really going inside my mind. Sometimes I feel suffocated when I see myself not adapting to the environment in which I was brought up. While sometimes I feel like the happiest man in the world. I don’t understand what is going inside my mind. Sometimes I judge people and their behavior whilst sometimes I question myself, how could I even be so judgmental? I have lived two and a half decades of my life, but I am still confused about my attitude and the way I present myself to people around me. Maybe I expect a bit too much from people. Even a short conversation makes me wonder if I did say something wrong. Often I realize that I cannot impress every other person I meet, but my emotional attachments to these people compel me to overthink about my attitude. My educational background has many ups and downs, I have had the experience of being a failure and also a topper. I had always tried hard to do my best, yet the reality always m…
LOVE: A JOURNEY OF MIXED EMOTIONS! Love, a four letter word that can melt every stone-hearted person. Well, I was once a stone hearted person and the same four-letter word changed me to a person who I am now. I don’t want to disclose how many times I fell in love with different people but trust me you can never feel the pain that I felt falling in love back then - a person who used to listen to Metallica andPink Floyd songs started listening toBon Jovi, and John Legend. The thing that changed me was her love. Her presence always made me feel special. I still remember the fragrance of her that mesmerized my heart. Every morning, I used to wake up to stand beside her and speak of every small thingthat happened to me. A person who remembered Valentine’s Day as a normal, cold day had started feeling its importance and started saving pocket money to give a small piece of my heart to my princess. If I had a time machine I would go back and enjoy those memories once again. I don’t know how…